Mindfulness has become so popular for a reason. The data doesn’t lie. Implementing programs and lessons like the ones provided by The Namaste Project increases creativity, communication, compassion and community connection. Everyone benefits from mindfulness

"It can be difficult to know how to implement mindfulness and meditation in a way that isn’t stressful for adults and is going to have a real impact. That is where The Namaste Project comes in."

Our society encourages a nonstop lifestyle that leaves little time for rest and relaxation leading to burnout, anxiety, depression, physical health issues and a lack of satisfaction.  Studies are consistently showing that rest and mindfulness activities that promote self awareness and connection lead to 

  • Passionate and purpose driven employees and students
  • Creativity and the ability to pivot and disrupt (in a good way)
  • Increased physical health, less stress related disease 
  • Increase employee retention
  • Increased student performance and decreased discipline issues
The Namaste Project has always had the goal to #spreadthecalm by working with adults and youth to learn, practice, and be independent. Our goal is to support you in continuing these practices forever, and on your own.
We provide training, talks, classes, design and consulting to bring mindfulness rooms, systems, and culture to your home, school, or company. While we do build some long term relationships our typical client is short term. We want you to have experts in house so we can continue to bring this work to others.
TNP’s goal is simplicity. The last thing a mindfulness program, space design, training or class should feel like is more work, more tasks, or more things to do. Our experts have decades of experience and are professionals in providing consulting services to your home, school, or company.

The Mindful Adult

Training adults through live talks, workshops, e-courses, and mindfulness programs to improve physical and mental wellbeing. Participants report:
  • Feeling more grounded and secure in any situation 
  • Lower stress and anxiety 
  • Increased focus
  • Better ability to engage with co-workers 
  • A feeling of connection and compassion from colleagues and employers 
  • More patience with children at home and in the workplace

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