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The Namaste Project uses evidence based practices to support mental health and well-being in schools, homes and companies. We focus on giving our partners the tools to regulate emotions and impact mental and physical health by teaching them the why behind somatic polyvagal practices before they experience these practices and learn to teach them.
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TNP's goal is to increase well-being in the simplest way possible. By focusing on the science behind mindfulness we've shown that the buyin by staff and educators is tremendously higher than just jumping into experience alone. Our experts have decades of experience in schools, the corporate world, and mental health support.
Adolescent Mental Health Continues to Worsen.
In 2021...
More than 4 in 10 students felt persistently sad or hopeless


Nearly one-third experienced poor mental health


More than 1 in 5 students seriously considered attempting suicide


1 in 10 attempted suicide


This is where The Namaste Projects' programs can help
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