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TNP provides Wellness Solutions:

For AdultsFor Students

In person sessions, asynchronous content, and a 36 week student curriculum support learners of all ages.

Discover Our Approach

Discover the TNP Approach to Workplace Wellness: authentic, research-driven, and community-focused.


Our innovative methods help adults understand the science behind feeling well and how to apply effective somatic tools and mindful interventions.

A comprehensive approach to student well-being.


With 180 lessons delivered over 36 weeks, our curriculum is designed for long-term impact. Using skills-based interventions, students learn to apply DBT and Polyvagal approaches to manage their mental health and behavior effectively. Our program empowers students to take ownership of their well-being and cultivate resilience.

Polyvagal Therapy and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) are scientifically proven methodologies renowned for managing emotions, navigating challenges, and nurturing resilience across all ages.

Our emphasis is on presenting the science behind these techniques in a friendly and accessible manner, making them easy to understand and implement in daily life. Studies have shown that integrating Polyvagal Theory and DBT into mental health practices can lead to significant improvements in emotional regulation and overall well-being.

Polyvagal informed therapy is based on Polyvagal theory, originated by Dr. Stephen Porges, which provides a physiological and psychological understanding of how and why people move through a continual cycle of mobilization, disconnection, and social engagement.
Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) is a structured program of psychotherapy with a strong educational component designed to provide skills for managing intense emotions and negotiating social relationships. The “dialectic” in dialectical behavior therapy is an acknowledgment that real life is complex, and health is not a static thing but an ongoing process. DBT acknowledges the need for change in a context of acceptance of situations and recognizes the constant flux of feelings—many of them contradictory—without having to get caught up in them.

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Meet Our Team

Danielle Brunson, Ed.S, MAED

Co-Founder and CEO

Renelyn Thomas, MBA

Executive Director

Daniela de la Piedra, JD, MPA, CPC, ELI-MP

Director of Corporate Partnership
Dana Collins

Dana L. Collins, Ph.D

Principal Consultant, DEIA Facilitator and Trainer

Trinity Wilbourn

Principal Curriculum Consultant
Alan Delery

Alan Delery

Mindfulness and Training Facilitator
Hara Falconer

Hara Falconer

Mindfulness and Training Facilitator, Yoga Instructor

Kimberly Contreras

Mindfulness and Training Facilitator, Yoga Instructor

Brianna Whitfield

Mindfulness and Training Facilitator, Yoga Instructor
Auria Sanders

Auria Sanders, CYT

Yoga Instructor
Ian Elmore

Ian Elmore-Moore

Yoga Instructor

Dr. Nicole Mareno, PhD, RN

Nutrition and Mental Health Consultant

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