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For adults working with kids, parents, and community members. 

Intro to TRAUMA INFORMED Yoga & Somatic Practices

Spring Cohort 

February 16th-18th

Virtual Live & Recorded

Intro to Trauma Informed Yoga & Somatic Practices

This 20 hour trauma informed training is a foundational overview for healing and nervous system regulation through somatic practices. Learn about the brain body connection, how nervous system dysregulation impacts behavior and how to use quick practices immediately!

Who is this training for?

At Mindful Training, we emphasize the importance of understanding the role that the body plays in trauma and the recovery process. Trauma is not just an emotional or psychological experience; it can also have physical effects on the body, such as chronic pain, tension, and changes in the nervous system. Trauma-informed Somatic training for educators includes an understanding of the ways in which trauma can affect the body and how this can impact a student’s ability to learn and engage. This training is for yoga teachers, educators, therapists, clinicians, social workers, service providers, medical processional and anyone looking to have a better understanding of the neuroscience of somatic practices on behavior, learning, and connection.

Provides 20 Yoga Alliance CEU's

This 20 hour training is a foundational overview for healing and nervous system regulation through somatic practices. Going through trauma is not rare. 70% of adults in the U.S. have experienced some type of traumatic event at least once in their lives. That’s 223.4 million people. Unresolved trauma can lead to anxiety, depression, addiction, stress, and other health issues.

Data shows that somatic practices are a contributor to healing after trauma (often more impactful than talk therapy alone) and at creating resilience in the body and mind.

Some key components of this trauma-informed training related to the body include: 

1. Understanding the connection between trauma and the body, including the impact of stress and trauma on the nervous system and the body’s physiological response to trauma. 

2. Recognizing signs of trauma-related distress in the body, such as hyperarousal, dissociation, and somatization (physical symptoms that have no medical explanation).

3. Creating a physically safe and comfortable environment that supports need for sensory input and regulation. 

Participants will learn polyvagal theory, attachment theory , and interoceptive therapy

Lectures intermixed with an equal amount of practice instruction and participation provide interventions that result in immediate grounding, resourcing and centering as well as paths to deep healing. Walk away with a deep understanding of the mind body connection and a wealth of resources to start to integrate somatic practices into your work and home life right away. We will dive into individual trauma and also touch on systemic trauma that is at the heart of many social issues such as poverty and racism and which impacts entire communities of people.


This training begins to answer the following questions:

  • How can we design our instruction as well as our daily interactions in the world to be mindful and considerate of those who have experienced trauma?
    • How can we incorporate somatic practices and understanding to improve adult and student mental health and behaviors? 


Consideration of the teacher student relationship, personal triggers, and tools for self care for providers rounds out this foundational experience.

Investment: $600 per participant. Mindful Training is a YACEP® CEU provider.


Meet Your Trainer


Danielle Brunson

Danielle Brunson (she/her/ella) is a certified yoga and meditation and mindfulness teacher, specializing in trauma informed practices with thousands of hours of teaching and training facilitation.

She is the owner of The Namaste Project, a mindfulness and meditation company that provides training to adults in public schools, businesses, and community settings.

Danielle teaches yoga and mindfulness centered in accessibility and inclusivity. She speaks, offers workshops, and teaches classes with the goal of helping others to wake up and come out of suffering through self-awareness and a development of equanimity.

Meet Your Trainer

kelseyBlank (1)

Kelsey Evans-Amalu

Dr. Kelsey Evans-Amalu (she/her) is based in the greater Tampa Bay area bringing holistic healing services to people in need. Dr. K. is a small business owner of The Mindful Prof LLC and serves as researcher, yoga and meditation instructor, and somatic educator to private clients, corporate offices, and K-12 schools and universities.

She is experienced with working with varied clientele including past instruction of high-performance athletes (the WWE, Orlando City Soccer, Orlando Pride, etc.) to mental health providers and services (National Alliance on Mental Illness, National Eating Disorder Awareness, etc.).

Previously a k-12 educator and professor of higher education, Dr. K continues to support k-12 teachers and students by leading mindfulness groups and individual sessions and creating mindful school partnerships as the Consultant of Contemplative Pedagogy at The Namaste Project. She also serves as a professor at The University of Central Florida. 


What do past students have to say?

  • “Fabulous. Great class!”
  • “Loved the class, need more training like this!”
  • ‘The training was wonderful. Just loved it and am so grateful this sort of teaching is becoming more mainstream.”
  • This is a great training to learn practical techniques you can use to regulate yourself or to teach someone else. Trainers were knowledgeable, engaged, and kind.

The Schedule

February 16th-18th 2024

February 16th

ZOOM Live or Recorded Option

7:30-9:30 PM ~ Trauma Basics: The autonomic nervous system, polyvagal theory, attachment theory and interoceptive theory- Learn, Discuss, Practice

February 17th

12:00 PM ~ Trauma informed yoga class for kids (an experience for adults)- Practice

1:30-4:00 PM ~ Polyvagal Deep Dive- Somatic Practices to up and down regulate the nervous system. Learn, Discuss, Practice, Teach

4:30-6:30 PM Practice teaching trauma informed yoga for kids. Use the tools you’ve learned right away~ . Practice, Teach, Discuss

6:30-8:00 PM ~ Trauma informed meditation and rest. Learn, Practice , Teach

February 18th

11:30-12:30 PM ~ Trauma informed yoga class (for adults) Practice, Learn 

1:00-2:00 PM ~  Practice teaching. Apply what you learned Learn, Discuss

2:00-4:00 PM ~Resourcing and dealing with personal triggers. Tools for self-care. Conflict management during group facilitation. Introduction to trauma and social justice- social location, systems of oppression and inequality and bias. Learn, Discuss

4:00-5:00 PM ~ Wrapping Up Discussion: The teacher-student relationship, dealing with personal triggers, & tools for self care. Q&A. Learn, Discus=

Reading: The Body Keeps the Score, My Grandmothers Hands

Reading: Radical Compassion (suggested)


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Intro to Trauma Informed Yoga & Somatic Practices

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