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For those who want to create a more inclusive space for healing and movement. 

YOGA for everybody

Winter Cohort 

January 25th, 27th, February 1st, February 3rd

Virtual (Live) & Recorded

Intro to Inclusive Embodiment

This 20-hour training begins by establishing a safe learning environment. Using nervous system regulation techniques, participants will explore their biases towards themselves and others, aiming to foster an inclusive community where everyone feels embraced.

Who is this training for?

Yoga for EVERYbody is an invitation to understand and embrace all types of identities and bodies. This training is open to BIPOC, allies, LGBTQ, body-types, religions, and open minded individuals who seek to explore the art of co-creating more inclusive and accessible movement, meditation, and mindfulness spaces.  

Discover how to intentionally and mindfully navigate wellness spaces, design classes, and navigate relationships.

Join this already scheduled training or inquire about custom training for your studio or team by emailing info@tnpwellness.net

It’s time to create spaces where every individual finds their home within movement, meditation, and mindfulness. 

Provides 20 Yoga Alliance CEU's

Join us for an impactful 20-hour journey that lays the foundation for facilitators and teachers to embark on the transformative path of creating inclusive and compassionate spaces. Over 2 immersive weeks, this training serves as your guide to not only question but also actively shape spaces that welcome all voices.

In our 4 live sessions, conducted via Zoom, we delve into the heart of the matter. We confront our biases, equip ourselves with fresh skills to cultivate mindful communities, and engage in a shared journey of building a harmonious collective.

Data speaks volumes – healing environments, be it yoga classes, meditation groups, or therapeutic settings, tend to mirror the creator’s experiences, while the participants bring diverse backgrounds and realities. Our approach, grounded in embodied awareness and deliberate planning, strives to pave the way for participants to present their authentic selves.

While we can’t tailor to every individual, we can foster a space rooted in open dialogue, a willingness to learn, and boundless compassion. The journey unfolds over two impactful weeks, conducted via webinars, with the added benefit of video access for up to a year.

Key Outcomes Include:
– Unveiling Our Identity
– Understanding the Influence of Lived Experiences on Interactions
– Navigating the Nervous System for Embracing Difficult Emotions

Embark on this journey with us, and let’s co-create spaces that resonate with authenticity, understanding, and unity. Sign up today to unlock a new dimension of teaching and facilitating.

This training begins to answer the following question....

  • How can we design our instruction as well as our daily interactions in the world to be mindful and considerate of others

Consideration of the teacher student relationship, personal triggers, and tools for self care for providers rounds out this foundational experience.

Investment: $600 per participant, payment plans, scholarships and sliding scales available. Mindful Training is a YACEP® CEU provider.


Meet Your Trainer


Danielle Brunson

Danielle Brunson (she/her/ella) is a certified yoga and meditation and mindfulness teacher, specializing in trauma informed practices with thousands of hours of teaching and training facilitation.

She is the owner of The Namaste Project, a mindfulness and meditation company that provides training to adults in public schools, businesses, and community settings.

Danielle teaches yoga and mindfulness centered in accessibility and inclusivity. She speaks, offers workshops, and teaches classes with the goal of helping others to wake up and come out of suffering through self-awareness and a development of equanimity.

Meet Your Trainer


Brianna Whitefield

Brianna Whitfield is an Atlanta-based yoga teacher, reiki practitioner, and artist known for her dedication to fostering engagement, curiosity, and emotional well-being. With a journey that began in 2017, she harnessed the power of yoga to conquer anxiety and boost self-assurance in a challenging world. Possessing a 200hr certification complemented by over 300hrs of CEUs, Brianna perpetually embraces the role of a student and enthusiast. Her classes emanate an invitation to laugh, play, and delve into profound self-discovery simultaneously. Guided by a resolute aim, each session nurtures a non-competitive, non-judgmental environment, empowering individuals to establish a profound connection with their inner selves.

What do past students have to say?

  • “Fabulous. Great class!”
  • “Loved the class, need more training like this!”
  • ‘The training was wonderful. Just loved it and am so grateful this sort of teaching is becoming more mainstream.”
  • This is a great training to learn practical techniques you can use to regulate yourself or to teach someone else. Trainers were knowledgeable, engaged, and kind.

The Schedule

January 25th-February 3rd

 January 25th

 7:30 PM – 9:30 PM

– Introduction to the training’s goals and objectives.
– Understanding the importance of creating inclusive spaces.
– Exploring personal biases and cultural competence. Learn, Discuss, Practice


January 27th

Body Positivity and Acceptance

12:00 PM – 5:00 PM

  • Promoting body positivity in teaching.
  • Addressing societal beauty standards and their impact.
  • Reframing body-related cues mindfully. Learn, Discuss, Teach 

February 1st

 7:30 PM – 9:30 PMCultural Sensitivity and Representation

Importance of acknowledging diverse backgrounds.
Strategies for incorporating diverse representation.
Creating an inclusive atmosphere for all identities.  Learn, Discuss, Practice

February 3rd

12:00 PM – 5:00 PM Authentic Connection and Mindful Communication

  • Embracing authenticity in teaching.
  • Building connections and rapport with students.
  • Practicing mindful language and cues. Learn, Discuss, Teach


You Belong by Sebene Selassie (required)

Radical Compassion by Tara Brach (suggested)


Listen to our experts


Engage with others


Be the student


Be the teacher

Yoga for EVERYbody

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